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Just 3 Simple Steps To Big Savings is where most of Phoenix comes to find a reliable and affordable mover. With just 3 easy steps, they are able to get five to seven top notch local movers to give them their very best rates and discounts. When it only takes about 2 minutes to complete the form, it is a nobrainer. There is no charge for the service. It is totally free and you are not obligated in any way to accept any of the quotes if you are not impressed with any of the quotes you will get to compare.
You will be happy to know that each Phoenix Mover that participates in our service must meet predetermined standards to qualify for our quote process. Most importantly, they must be licensed and insured and also comply with governmental regulations in addition to being extremely competitive.
After you take 2 minutes and submit the simple form, you will receive five to seven quotations based on your information and availability of the matched movers. Compare the quotes and decide if any of them meet your specific requirements. It is entirely up to you whether you choose to book your move with one of these reputable movers, but we think you will as most do when they see the quality and savings offered.
Moving Tips
Plan Ahead
It is never too soon to plan ahead. Start to think about what you want to move and what you do not. A garage sale is always practical if you have not downsized recently. Often times the money you raise will pay for the entire move.
For items that do not sell, a donation to your favorite charity is always appreciated, plus it is tax deductible.
Use Sturdy Boxes
Over-used and lightweight boxes should not be used for your valuable/breakable possessions. They will not sufficiently protect your valuables during loading, transit and unloading.
Three Wardrobe Boxes
Address Change
A month before you move, you will want to file a change of address form with your local post office. You can do that in person or online.
In addition, you'll want to personally notify each business/agency/health provider that you deal with to include federal/state agencies such as the DMV, state and federal tax agencies, Social Security, and/or Veterans Administration.
Dispose Of Or Drain
By law, your mover can not move any flammable items. You must dispose of or drain any of the following:
Any Gas Powered Items
Such As
  • Lawn Movers
  • Power Tools
  • Grills
And any Paint or Aerosol Cans

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